Inspirational text on the tragic events of 11 September 2001
channelled from Mentors in God's Love through Patricia Anne Christensen

Dearly beloved friends, brothers and sisters. The events of last week in your great cities of New York and Washington have touched the hearts of all. Yet many have allowed their quite natural fears to take hold and to block the light, love and clarity that is pouring into your atmosphere from those in the non-physical realms as well as from open-hearted people all over your world. We wish to stress that although this catastrophe was created by the hands of men, it is being used – as are all events that shake mankind to their very foundations – to awaken those of you who have been asleep. Asleep to the knowledge of the ever-present comfort and guidance of Divine Spirit, of God.

It seemed to many of you as you watched the scenes on your television screens, that now you truly were abandoned to the fate of unfeeling, heartless forces. This feeling is both understandable and even necessary for you to be able to go through the accompanying fear and pain. Yet know that this is, on a massive scale, the same feeling of separation that each of you have been feeling to varying degrees in your personal lives. A sense and a fear of separation from your God for your misdeeds, for the misdeeds of mankind before you. This massive collective guilt is part of the reason for the tragedy that you have witnessed. Your established religions (as opposed to the spiritual truths at the heart of these religions) have in many cases kept you locked in a sense of guilt, a sense of unworthiness. You have been told that this guilt would only be released at a day of judgement when the sins of only the “believers” who accepted the authority of their religious dogmas and leaders would be washed away – all others would perish. Or you were told that you had to fight and even to die for these authorities and to take others with you into death. At this time we need to stress very firmly that such teachings are not only in direct contradiction to the reality of spiritual life, but are also the breeding-ground for fanaticism – not only of the kind that drives terrorists to spread terror, but also the kind that drives individuals and nations to seek revenge.

So, understandable as these reactions are, we urge you – each and every one of you – to give yourselves time to ponder how these terrifying, man-made massacres may be transformed into life-giving, lessons in love and forgiveness for each individual soul at present on Earth. You have many models to whom you can turn for inspiration – those who have stood up against the inner enemy of fear and vengeance and practised forgiveness even in the face of terrible torture. We do not say that it is wrong to arrest perpetrators of violence – it is both right and necessary to protect your physical world. Yet if the motive is hatred and revenge, then your actions are no different to those that started the latest turn on the spiral of violence.

Think on this, beloved ones, and know that the path of peace – inner peace – demands the greatest courage at times such as these, when the masses are crying out for the head on the plate. Yet know also that in choosing this path you are changing the collective consciousness, bit by bit, day by day, in the direction of love, light, compassion and hope.

We are with you – seen as unseen – in these transformational times on your planet. Find a quiet place and listen to your hearts. We bless you and we love you, each of you regardless of belief, nationality or status in society. We are truly one.