In Memory and in Hope
- a collection of thoughts, prayers and poems in the aftermath of 11 September 2001

by Patricia Anne Christensen

The turning point (click here for Danish version)

The scenes on our TV screens on 11 September seemed apocalyptic in their horror. My heart goes out to all those touched by this tragedy. Yet let us not become trapped in feelings of fear and thoughts of vengeance. The world's greatest enemy now is fear. If we succumb by supporting "an eye for an eye" policy we are playing into the hands of terrorists everywhere - terrorists spread terror. If we create more terror, the spiral of violence will never cease.
Let us turn this wave of hatred and fear into love and peace NOW! This is a turning point for humanity - may we take the right steps after first turning inwards to our hearts and to our God. Let us remember that we are all one – the way we deal with this individually affects everyone, including those who initiate acts of terrorism and war, and those in our governments and international organizations who decide on the response.

A prayer for guidance in troubled times

May the healing balm of the Holy Spirit flow into us now, bringing peace to our worried minds, joy to our troubled hearts, and wisdom to guide our thoughts, words and actions.


A diamond

I have seen a vision of a huge diamond at the place where the Trade Center stood, shining its light out to all humanity. May this place forever be a source of light and love.


Bring clarity

Bring clarity, dear God, to the minds clouded by smoke and memories of horrors, hard to shake off. Bring compassion and forgiveness, dear God, to the hearts torn apart by suffering and loss. And in the end, dear God, bring joy to those who thought they would never laugh again. This is my prayer for all of us.

The flame of love and peace

I see a lighter, brighter world emerging from the rubble, from the shock, from the indescribable grief. Each one of us carries a candle in our hearts. May we live up to the challenge of tending it and keeping it bright through the storms of fear and winds of vengeance that threaten to blow it out. Until one day we see our single flames unite in a blazing, eternal flame of collective, conscious love and peace that cannot be put out.


We are all one (click here for Danish version)

We are all one
my brothers and I

We are all one
my sisters and I

What happens to my brothers
happens to me

What happens to my sisters
happens to me

We are all one
my brothers, my sisters and I

What my brothers do
I am a part of that too

What my sisters do
I am a part of that too

We are all one
my brothers, my sisters and I


Peace will prevail 1

Let us join hands and hearts around the world in the certain knowledge that PEACE WILL PREVAIL.

Peace will prevail 2

I give thanks for the peace that is sprouting and growing stronger in more and more people's hearts even as the bombs fall on Afghanistan. PEACE WILL PREVAIL.

Peace will prevail 3

May all those who believe they are worshipping different and opposing Gods come to know that there is only One God, the God of Love, Who discerns not between believer and non-believer, between Moslem, Buddhist, Jew, Hindu and Christian. And PEACE WILL PREVAIL.