Heart meditation for peace: "Welcome to my heart"

During preparation for a peace meditation when the war in Iraq was still only a crisis, it struck me that we often do the most foolish things when we feel left out in some way - and war must surely be one of the most foolish things of all!

So I am happy to share with you this my heart meditation for peace - feel free to use it in your personal or group meditations.

Welcome to my heart

  1. Sit quietly with eyes closed and focus on your heart - it can help the focus to place a hand over your heart chakra (energy centre in the centre of the chest).
  2. Feel your heart beating, keeping you alive and warm.
  3. Thank your heart.
  4. Feel it expanding and warming in acknowledgement of your gratitude.
  5. Feel your heart gently opening, ready to embrace yourself and all others.
  6. First see yourself standing in front of you and feel yourself being drawn into your heart (perhaps your hurt and lonely self, perhaps your inner neglected child - whatever image comes to mind)
  7. Say aloud "Welcome, ...... ( name)! Welcome to my heart!"
  8. Take a moment to really feel what you are saying, and know that it is true.
  9. Take a moment to look into the face of the one your heart is embracing - see the look of relief as realization dawns: "I am left out no more! I am accepted!"
  10. If you are part of a group meditation, repeat steps 6-9 for each member of the group, and finally for the whole group.
  11. Spend a few moments feeling your heart softening still more and expanding still more until you feel that it has no limits and can embrace the whole world.
  12. See in turn the world leaders involved in the conflict (and any others of your choice) standing with the peoples of their countries, in front of you.
  13. Repeat steps 7-9 for each country in turn, e.g. "Welcome, George W. Bush and the people of the USA! Welcome to my heart!".
  14. Feel your heart, embracing all those you have seen standing before you - feel its joy and peace, and know that on some level they feel it too.